Jan Vulgaropulos

Jan Vulgaropulos works for Arts Access in North Carolina and has been providing audio description of theatre and movies in the Raleigh-Durham area for the past 13 years. She is the lead teacher for AD Training Retreats, created in collaboration with her partner, Colleen Connor. Jan also writes and edits audio description scripts for film, through Serafino Sound Studio in Vancouver, BC. Jan is a graduate of Tufts University, with a BS degree in Mental Health. She lives with her husband Spyro in Cary, NC.

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Colleen Connor

Colleen Connor is an accessibility consultant, advocate, motivational speaker, performer, and podcaster/vlogger. She graduated from The Catholic University of America with a Bachelor’s in Music Theatre and is certified by The London Dramatic Academy in the UK. Being a visually impaired guide dog user, Colleen brings a unique perspective on life to all that she does and provides a valuable ‘voice of the consumer’ for those training in audio description (AD).
Colleen has worked on the AD tours of both The International Spy Museum and The George W. Bush Heritage Library and Museum. Her ongoing work and outreach in the AD field have her reviewing and editing for Serafino Sound Studio’s AD, as well as providing voice talent for several companies. Colleen and her Seeing Eye Dog Joplin raise awareness of disabilities and the arts wherever they go!